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Plinko Anubis Review

A summary of Plinko Anubis’s features may be seen in the table below, which will give you an idea of what to expect.

NamePlinko Anubis
Developer1Win Games
Release DateAugust 17, 2023
Game TypePlinko
Max Win150x
Min BetINR 8.3
Max BetINR 23,000
Demo ModeAvailable

Plinko Anubis Pros and Cons

To assist you decide on if you should check out Plinko Anubis, a thorough analysis of the game’s benefits and drawbacks is provided in the table below.

High RTPCan bet money in the demo mode only after registration
Interesting bonus features
1Win as a software provider for the game
Egyptian themed
Big win potential

Plinko Anubis Features

Here are some of the features of Plinko Anubis:

  • The game has an Egyptian theme that transports players to the land of pyramids and pharaohs;
  • A distinctive Plinko board that gives the games a fun and unpredictable twist;
  • High volatility, resulting in exciting and tense moments throughout each spin;
  • A good opportunity to win is provided by the generous Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.5%;
  • High win potential with a maximum win sum of 150 times the wager;
  • Many more features to improve the overall gameplay experience.
Explore the possibilities of the game Plinko Anubis.

Plinko Anubis: Theme, Graphics and Soundtrack

Plinko Anubis transports players to the mysterious realm of pharaohs, pyramids, and lost riches, taking them on an exciting voyage through ancient Egypt. Vibrant and intricate images effectively convey the concept, encapsulating the spirit of Egyptian mythology. The game is situated inside a greenish pyramid interior, and the concept is made more realistic and alluring by the icons on the reels, which include classic Egyptian images like the scarab beetles and the God Anubis.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Plinko Anubis’s visuals blend in well with the game. The animations are fluid and well done, adding to the entire gameplay experience and giving the game life. Fun sound effects accompany every Plinko board spin, bringing excitement and anticipation to every play. The concept is further enhanced by the music, which features tunes and classic Egyptian instruments that immerse players in the ancient world and heighten the feeling of mystery and adventure.

Plinko Anubis has high-quality graphics and sound.

Plinko Anubis RTP & Volatility

Plinko Anubis has a competitive Return to Player (RTP) that gives players a reasonable chance of victory. The RTP is often stated in the game’s information section and is generally about 96.5%, however exact figures may vary. This indicates that over time, players should anticipate recovering 96.5% of their entire bets on average.

In terms of volatility, Plinko Anubis provides a somewhat even playing field. It provides a combination of smaller, more frequent winners and larger, less frequent wins by combining components of both low and high volatility. The action is made more exciting and varied by the balanced volatility, which also accommodates a range of player styles and tactics.

We will tell you how to have a chance to win in Anubis Plinko.

Plinko Anubis Betting Limits and Max Win

Plinko Anubis allows players to choose from a variety of betting limits to suit their interests. The minimum deposit amount usually begins at INR 8,3 for every drop, so even with modest bets, players may still have fun. For those who would like to play at bigger stakes, there is an opportunity to increase their maximum wager amount to INR 23,000 for every drop. These betting limitations are adaptable and suitable for a variety of gamers, who may like the rush of bigger bets or more cautious wagers.

Plinko Anubis allows you potential prizes of up to 150 times the initial wager. This implies that a player may win up to 150 times their initial stake if they put the maximum bet and coincide with the greatest win multiplier.

Review the betting limits for Plinko Anubis.

How to Play Plinko Anubis?

The steps to play Plinko Anubis are as follows:

  1. Place a wager. You may change the amount you wager to suit your tastes.
  2. Launch the game. To launch the game after placing your wager, click the spin button.
  3. Put down the chips. Lick or press the appropriate spot to drop the chips onto the board. After bouncing off the pegs, the chips will fall into the bottom slots.
  4. Win rewards. A certain quantity of prizes is associated with each spot on the board. The reward listed on a slot machine that a chip lands in will be added to your overall earnings.
  5. Repetition and enjoyment. To win and have fun with the exciting action, keep dropping chips into the Plinko board.
Select Plinko Anubis in the casino section.

Play Plinko Anubis in Demo

For players, there is value in using the demo edition of Plinko Anubis, although to fully be able to use it you would need to register and sign up with the casino. Without having to risk real money, users may experiment and get acquainted with the features, gameplay, and game mechanics of the demo version. This offers novice gamers a great chance to get familiar with the guidelines, comprehend the many betting alternatives, and test out methods before investing real money. The Plinko Anubis demo is useful and gives users the confidence they need to make wise choices when they want to play the game.

For training, there is a demo version of the game Plinko Anubis.

Plinko Anubis Mobile Compatibility

Players may enjoy Plinko Anubis on their mobile devices since it is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. The Plinko Game app has gorgeous visuals and enhanced touchscreen controls, making it ideal for phone displays. Plinko Anubis is a handy and accessible alternative for mobile gaming aficionados, as you can play the game anytime and anywhere, regardless of your device being iOS or Android.

Use your phone to play Anubis Plinko.

Plinko Anubis Tips and Tricks

Although chance plays a major role in Plinko Anubis, the following Plinko tips may help you have a better gaming experience:

  • Adhere to a budget to guarantee responsible gaming;
  • To improve your odds of landing in higher-paying slots, try positioning your chips differently on the Plinko board;
  • Focus on the way the rewards are arranged on the board, and try to find slots that provide larger payment amounts;
  • Any incentives or promotions for Plinko Anubis should be watched out for as they have the potential to increase your wins;
  • To get acquainted with the game and formulate tactics without having to risk real money, practice with the demo version;
  • It’s important to keep in mind that Plinko Anubis is a game of chance, so have fun and don’t concentrate only on winning.
We will tell you the tricks for winning in Plinko Anubis.


What is the RTP of Plinko Anubis?

Depending on the exact version or platform you are playing on, Plinko Anubis’ RTP (Return to Player) may change. It’s crucial to remember that the precise RTP for Plinko Anubis was not discovered in the search results.

What is the biggest win possible in Plinko Anubis?

In accordance with the particular version or platform you are playing on, the largest victory in Plinko Anubis might change. Regretfully, there was no precise information on the highest possible victory in Plinko Anubis in the search results.

Is Plinko Anubis Random?

Indeed, Plinko Anubis is meant to be a random game of chance. A random number generator (RNG) determines the result of each drop, guaranteeing the game’s fairness and unpredictable nature.

How to win at Plinko Anubis?

The main factor in Plinko Anubis winning is chance, but you may benefit from also controlling your money, experimenting with alternative chip positions, and keeping an eye on the board’s reward distribution. 

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