How to Play Plinko Game and Win?

Plinko is a modern game with simple rules that gives you the opportunity to make big wins with minimal risks and problems. The essence of the game comes down to betting on one of the three colored lines at the bottom of the playing field. The green color is responsible for small odds, orange – for medium odds, and red – for big odds. In order that other functions do not become a surprise for you, you are recommended to study all the information about the game and Plinko review in advance.

Learn how to start playing and winning at Plinko.

Plinko Game Rules

The Plinko game online is designed to minimize the number of controversial and difficult situations. That is why the rules are as simple as possible and accessible to the perception of any person, regardless of age or gender. The main thing is to be of legal age and have an authorized and verified Plinko account. Afterwards, the rules are simple: make a deposit, open the game and specify the size of the bet. Then, decide how many ball launches there will be: 12, 14 or 16. Choose the line with odds and launch the balls. In the end, the bet you set will be multiplied by the received odds, and the earned money will be automatically credited to your account. According to the rules, the minimum deposit amount is INR 8 and the maximum deposit amount is INR 8000. At the same time, the maximum amount of winnings depends on the size of the bet and the odds. The highest value of the multiplier is 353.

Learn the rules of the Plinko game.

How to Play Plinko Game?

Once you are comfortable with understanding Plinko rules, go ahead and play the game by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your preferred online casino or download Plinko app.
  2. Create an account and enter a promo code to receive special Plinko bonuses.
  3. Make a deposit using the method of your choice.
  4. Locate and launch the Plinko game, then choose your mode.
  5. Set the bet size and number of balls, then begin the game.
  6. Keep an eye out for your winnings being credited to your game account.

Also, remember that you can choose the automatic mode as well. The main thing for you is to set it up for yourself so that everything goes right.

We will tell you how to start playing Plinko.

Plinko Game Autoplay

As mentioned earlier, you can use the automatic mode as part of your Plinko game rules. Within it, the computer makes bets automatically, according to the characteristics set by you. These include:

  • The color of the line bet;
  • The number of rounds;
  • Stop if the amount of winnings has reached a certain size;
  • Stop if one of the bets has reached a certain amount of winnings.
You can set Plinko to autoplay.

Plinko Game Demo Mode

Demo mode is an option for those who would like to play but don’t want to risk their personal money. The main difference between this format and the classic one is that in this case the game is played with virtual money. With Plinko demo, you will not be able to earn anything for withdrawal. This option is provided just for entertainment and training, but not for earning, remember that.

Plinko has a demo version of the game for practice.

Plinko Tips and Tricks

The game is made on the principle of complete randomization of the odds. However, there are still some Plinko tricks that contribute to more successful wins. These include:

  • Choose the difficulty level wisely to balance the amount of spending and winning;
  • Use the most optimal strategy for large sums – red color and 16 ball runs;
  • Strategy with a limited chance of getting a big win – 12 ball launches in green color;
  • Minimise risks by choosing three colors at once or a combination of red and orange for 14 runs of balls.
We will tell you about the tricks for winning in Plinko.


Is it Legal to play Plinko game in India?

Yes, it is. Regarding the game itself, it is important to say that there are no prohibitions against it under the current laws of India. Moreover, the game is hosted on online platforms that operate under licenses. This is the reason why such activities are of high quality and safe and legal.

How to play Plinko Game?

Playing Plinko is pretty easy. It is enough to have an authorized and verified account, as well as money in your account. After that, open the game, specify the bet size and launch the balls on the coloured rows you want with the odds.

Is Plinko Real or Fake?

Plinko is a completely real game that will allow you to earn as much as possible in literally two clicks. As a confirmation of this theory, you can note the high volatility of RTP, as well as positive reviews and evaluations of real users.

Is There a Plinko Game demo?

Yes, there is such a mode. It can be selected at the game opening stage. This mode allows you to play with virtual money, with completely minimal risks.

Is Plinko random?

Yes, Plinko is primarily a game of chance. The unpredictable bouncing of the disc off pegs and the multiple paths it can take make it challenging to control or predict its final landing spot. While skill and strategy can improve your odds, the game’s randomness is its most integral part.


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