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Our Plinko website uses the collection, processing and storage of cookies. This allows us to provide navigation as well as personalize each user individually. This section contains all the necessary information on what files are collected, the function and classification of the data, as well as their use and purpose. In addition, we regularly notify our users that all their data is absolutely confidential to other users.

We will tell you all about Cookie Files for Plinko.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are certain pieces of data that include a unique identifier to distinguish your computer or mobile device from others. They are stored when you visit our website. At this time, we are notifying users that data storage has occurred.

Source and Categories of Cookies

Our site stores both own and third-party cookies. It is the website or domain that hosts such a cookie that is identified as “Own” or “Third Party”. When we receive your data, our platform will Notify you. At the same time, in certain cases, you may also receive information about which third parties’ data is collected by the service. At the moment, there are two types of such files:

  • Temporary, which are stored in the memory of your browser from which you access our website. This data is destroyed exactly when you leave the site;
  • Permanent cookies, which are stored on the browser base, which remain when you close the browser and reopen it.

Cookie Management

As part of the transparency of any of our platform policies, we inform you that you can always change your settings if you disagree with this policy. You can literally do this from any device. All you have to do is indicate that you do not want to save your data or delete it completely, and your settings will remain in place.

Changes to Cookie Policy

We will notify our users immediately if any rules regarding this policy change. However, if such information has passed you by, please periodically visit this section and do your own research to avoid further complications, irregularities and problems.


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